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Right… Now If you’ve seen our old site (HERE) you’ll have noticed that our numbers have changed somewhat. If you’re new to the site… ummm.. just ignore that last bit LOL.
We are now down to a family of four… 1 adult (more or less) and 3 children. Myself (Ms E), Miss K, Master N and little Miss E.


We’re a fairly ordinary family from South Yorkshire.

Austerity seems to be the buzz word at the moment and were out to prove its not only possible and economical but easy, fun and the safer, savvier and healthier option.
Just because it costs more DOES NOT mean its going to be a better quality (as most of you over the last few years will have found out). To TOTALLY contradict that there are some areas where you get what you pay for… I suppose thats also what were trying to find out… what can we save on and what’s worth the splurge?

Can we apply 1940’s rationing and austerity measures to a modern family? Oooh yes.

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